NTN Joint

Khớp nối cardan NTN Tri-Ball Joint


NTN - Tri Ball Joint - TBJ 

Simple substance series
Single type
SB type, SBC type (Boss type) 
SF type, SFC type (Flange type) 
SFF type, SFFC type (Provided with semi-finished flange) 
Double type
DB type, DBC type (Boss type) 
DF type, DFC type (Flange type)
DFF type, DFFC type (Provided with semi-finished flange) 
SBW type (for reference) 
DBW type (for reference)

Shaft connection series
Boss type
BB type, BB‥C type
BP type, BP‥C type 
BT type, BT‥C type 
Flange type
FB type, FB‥C type 
FB‥F type, FB‥FC type
FP type, FP‥C type 
FP‥F type, FP‥FC type 
FT type, FT‥C type 
FT‥F type, FT‥FC type 

NTN Tri-Ball Joint

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