NORD Gearmotor

Hộp giảm tốc NORD


Helical Geared Motors for a wide range of applications

Motors with a helical gear unit from NORD have a high power density and a large number of options. The gear units are produced in three series and many sizes for a wide range of applications.

NORD Helical Gear Units impress with outstanding features:

  • Powerful
    Our helical gear units provide a maximum torque of 26,000 Nm (as an Industrial gear unit up to 282.000 Nm).
  • Efficient
    High efficiency increases the productivity of the application.
  • Hygienic
    NORD Helical Gear Units have wash-down capability thanks to their smooth surfaces.
  • Robust
    If required, we can treat NORDBLOC.1 Helical Geared Motors with nsd tupH Corrosion Protection, which also withstands aggressive cleaning agents.

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