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McGill® precision bearings are engineered to reduce operating cost and have evolved to meet the needs of an ever-expanding list of industries and applications since the CAMROL® cam-follower bearing was patented in 1905. CAMROL® bearings are now offered in more than 1,400 different combinations and configurations.

In 1937, McGill bearing engineers invented the first needle bearing cam follower and have since made innovations for aerospace and spherical bearings. System uptime and operational efficiencies are the goal, and the robust design unique to McGill bearings plays an important role by easing installation, reducing maintenance, and decreasing equipment downtime.

Even a small amount of dust, water, or other particulate matter contamination can significantly reduce bearing life. Because there are no industry-wide standards for tolerances on cam follower bearings, Regal has set its own demanding tolerances and uses statistical process control to help provide cam followers that are manufactured according to these exacting standards. In laboratory testing at Regal, CAMROL bearings last up to 50 times longer than some competitors' products in a variety of laboratory and customer tests.

CAMROL®, TRAKROL®, CAGEROL®, GUIDEROL®, SPHERE-ROL® and other McGill bearings provide operational efficiencies to a wide variety of industrial applications.


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