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Currently Le Thuong is providing the following types of equipment:

Power Transmission | Forward motion equipment | Electrical and automation equipment | Safe Equipments and Gas Detector | Pipeline tank equipment

In addition, we also provide technical services such as: consulting on equipment selection, installation and calibration of gas detectors to ensure safety, etc.


Providing comprehensive transmission solutions: Shaft couplings, gear boxes, bearings, bearings, conveyor chains,... The types of transmission equipment that Le Thuong provides originate from the US, Europe, and Japan. Japan, Korea, India. Diverse designs, reasonable prices and many types of available products, meeting different requirements from factories. more

electrical equipment - automation

Electrical and automation equipment products: motors, servos, inverters, PLCs, I/O modules, connection cables,...more

Industrial safety equipment

Safety products: fixed detectors for toxic and explosive gas detection | portable gas warning device for workers when working in hazardous areas, tanks, enclosed spaces | alcohol test equipment,  drug test | Gas masks, breathing aids, helmets, chemical-resistant protective clothing,...more

reciprocating motion device

Le Thuong Company is currently the representative for the Linear Actuator segment of Bosch Rexroth, with products such as: Sliders, sliders, lead screws, liners and shafts, cylinders, clamping units and brakes,...more

Equipments for pump and tank system, pipeline

We supply tank equipment such as: flow pumps, metering and pump spare parts (spare part) | types of mechanical valves, electromagnetic valves | Safety devices for tank systems | Types of chemical pipes, PTFE bushings, flexible pipe linings,... Products are trusted and used by many customers in the petrochemical and chemical industries,... as well as in other industries. fire protection system, waste water treatment,...more

Technical services

Throughout its operations, Le Thuong Engineering always strives  to find the best solutions for the problems customers encounter. In addition to selection consulting, we also provide services of installing and calibrating gas detectors, gas mapping, processing and repairing mechanical and electrical equipment,...