Shaft coupling and things you need to know

The concept of shaft coupling

A shaft coupling is a type of mechanical component, a device that helps transmit torque between two shafts, supports connection and maintains motion. In actual use, there are many types of shaft joints used for different applications. The following article will help you with information related to the types of shaft joints being used in industry today.

Characteristics and uses of shaft coupling

The shaft coupling is a detail that plays an important role in connecting and transmitting torque, helping machines and equipment operate smoothly. Types of joints are manufactured and designed with many designs, shapes and are applied in many different jobs.

When the machine axes lie on a straight line and need to be closely connected from the beginning to the end for the purpose of carrying out the task of transferring energy to help the machine operate smoothly. Unlike machines with parallel shafts, it is necessary to use gears and belt transmission.

Shaft couplings help machine shafts to be tightly connected
Shaft couplings help machine shafts to be tightly connected

In addition to playing a role in transferring energy from the motor to the machine shaft, the shaft coupling also plays a role in helping machines and equipment to open and close the structure, avoid overloading the device, etc. In fact, these types of couplings are used in many different industries, not only industries such as agitators, dough mills, fans, conveyor belts, metallurgy, mechanics, ....

Classification of Shaft Couplings

In terms of practical application, shaft couplings are divided into the following main types:

1. Rigid Coupling

Rigid coupling is a type of coupling that connects shafts centered in a straight line and moving relative to each other. Common types of joints include pipe joints and flange shaft joints. Pipe coupling has simple design and structure, low cost of use, installation operations are not easy to perform, and can only be used for shafts with a diameter of less than 70mm. Flange shaft coupling is a type of coupling used to directly connect two flanges of the machine shaft together by bolts.

Flange shaft coupling is suitable for small sized shafts
Flange shaft coupling is suitable for small sized shafts

2. Flexible or Compensating Couplings

This type of shaft coupling is also known as elastic shaft coupling or compensating coupling. Used to connect shafts with eccentricity due to elastic deformation or because the installation performance causes the shafts to be eccentric, thanks to flexible joints, these errors will be compensated. With this type of coupling, it is possible to limit collisions as well as shocks from one shaft to the other during movement.

Some types of flexible joints used in industry include:

  • Flexible shaft coupling, also known as rubber damping coupling, thanks to the elastic washers, can overcome the deviations of the shaft to transmit motion.
  • Elastic steel disc coupling is a type of shaft coupling commonly used for rotating equipment such as pumps, fans, compressors, turbines, generators, etc. They are designed with stainless steel to form steel discs. .
  • Teeth couplings, chain couplings and mesh couplings are widely used for large diameter shafts and heavy duty machines.
  • Cardan couplings, also known as pivot couplings, are used to transmit forces to assemblies located far apart or for assemblies that always change position and distance during operation.
Flexible shaft coupling that connects the shaft with eccentricity due to elastic deformation
Flexible shaft coupling that connects the shaft with eccentricity due to elastic deformation

3. Clutch coupling

Fluid Coupling

This type of coupling is widely used and is also an economic solution for factories operating in fields such as energy, metallurgy, cement, steelmaking, ships, etc. In some types of machinery that often work in harsh environments such as mining excavators, conveyor belt drives, conveyor chains, and paper pulpers.

Hydraulic couplings use oil or water to transmit motion
Hydraulic couplings use oil or water to transmit motion

4. Torque Limiter Couplings

This coupling will help machinery and equipment when overloaded, causing the ball to block the link to slide completely, disconnecting the machine to be protected safely. After the overload condition is over, the pellets will be moved back to the original position and the machine can work normally again.

Each type of shaft coupling has different advantages and disadvantages to help machines and equipment operate best, smoothly, without overload or interruption of operation.

Criteria for choosing the type of shaft coupling for machinery and equipment

To choose the right type of shaft coupling for machinery and equipment, people are often based on the following criteria:

1. Check shaft coupling strength

Types of couplings are manufactured from many different brands with a variety of models and product quality. Choosing a high-strength shaft coupling also contributes to the sustainable operation of the device. You can choose the strength of the joint according to the following criteria:

  • For machinery, the connecting parts always have the lowest stiffness, so it is necessary to choose the stiffness of the coupling to suit the needs of use.
  • Each type of shaft coupling will be effective for each specific job. Users should calculate in advance the types of errors that equipment often encounters to choose the appropriate type of joint that can fix those types of errors.
  • The opening and closing conditions of the shaft coupling with the automatic clutch need to be checked.

2. Technical criteria

In order for the shaft coupling to help the machine operate stably and efficiently, the user depends on the load, the working nature of the machine, the number of revolutions, the diameter of the drive shaft that needs to be coupling, and finally the torque on the shaft, in addition, buyers can choose on the two criteria below to choose the most suitable type of coupling.

Determine the properties of the machine to choose the right joint
Determine the properties of the machine to choose the right joint

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